Tom Thakkar...

Comedian or Villain?

Is Tom Thakkar...a criminal? A liar? A...killer? Hot off taping his first special for Comedy Central, due late 2019, Tom Thakkar is a comedian living in Brooklyn by way of Indiana and Chicago...or so he says. He claims that he grew up the son of a deadbeat Indian dad, and a hardworking, Red Lobster managing mom. Do we believe him...? We're not so sure. Sure, Tom brought these things up when he made his late night debut on Conan, but he also called himself a "HotGuy03" in a singles chatroom in middle school, and his story just isn't adding up, according to the picture he posted of himself on in 9th grade. Some of his alibis include co-hosting Comedy Central Radio/SiriusXM's You Up with Nikki Glaser, creating and hosting Stand By Your Band alongside friend and co-host Tommy McNamara, attending Just for Laughs in Montreal, Bridgetown, Limestone, and many more comedy festivals. We've been following Tom's every move...when he was chosen to be a finalist for NBC Stand Up for Diversity, on Doug Loves Movies, in Vice Magazine, on The Todd Glass Show...the evidence is everywhere...Tom Thakkar really seems to be getting around quite a bit...but we want to know...has he ever killed? And if he's so smart...why did his father leave? Next time...on Tom's bio.

"The last time I saw Tom, he was looking ominous in a Best Buy Parking lot. I wanna believe he's innocent, but who could be sure..."


"Tom asked me to borrow thirty thousand dollars, a gun, and a shovel. He's my favorite comedian!"

Tom's Mom

"Tom is irreverent, silly, and smart, and he just won't stop talking about killing his father for his money! Hard to tell what he'll do next."

Some Druggie

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